Meet Our Staff


Greg Castellanos


Greg Castellanos is a passionate entrepreneur, arts educator, technologist and instructional designer. With a Masters Degree In arts education from Columbia he has over 18 years of teaching experience. He is the current owner and and CEO of Recreation Sound Systems, and the Local Maker Mart gallery. He has helped launch multiple startup companies.  As an instructional designer he has created curriculums for the YMCA, Techshop, the Boys and Girls club, Mccarthy Technologies and more!  He has been dedicated to teaching entrepreneurship and STEAM for many years and looks forward to sharing his knowledge with new students.


Kerry Hogin

Arts Educator

Kerry Hogin is a local artist and educator in the North Beach San Francisco neighborhood. Ms. Kerry (as her student’s call her) has an B.F.A. in Studio Art and a M.A. in Art Therapy. Kerry has over 12 years experience in arts education working in public, private and nonprofit sectors. She has taught classes in all mediums ranging from fine art, digital art to sustainable art. Kerry brings her expertise to the Local Makers Mart Academy teaching the courses Painting Your Passions Camp and the Sustainable Art and Design Camp.


Paul Harnepher

NFT Specialist

Paul Harnepher aka NFTBUZZ Is A 29-Year-Old Classically Trained Chef, Blockchain Investor & NFT Connoisseur. Paul Graduated From Le Cordon Bleu & But Received His Education In Blockchain Technologies From First Hand Experience. Paul Began Cooking Professionally In 2015, Researching Crypto In 2016 & Dollar-Cost-Averaging Into Blockchain Technologies In 2017.

NFTBUZZ Purchased His First NFT On 3/26/20.

You Can Find The NFTBUZZ Gallery HERE